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What Art Can Teach Us About Connection

Matthew McIver has spent decardes building his storytelling skills in theaters across the country, and overseas. 


In a decades long career as an actor, writer, teacher and arts leader, McIver has performed in 23 states and 4 foreign countries. As a director and producer, he has led dozens of productions, garnering acclaim and awards. His productions have been recognized for multiple Cloris Awards including Best Play, Best Direction, and multiple acting and design awards. He has served as Artistic Director for the Des Moines Social Club Theatre Company and Iowa Stage Theatre Company, with both organizations widely recognized for the quality of their work.


In the realm of teaching, Matt's skills shine brilliantly. He has the ability to distill complex concepts into digestible lessons. With a genuine desire to nurture knowledge and inspire curiosity, he creates an environment where learning becomes an adventure. Students under his guidance are not just passive recipients but active participants, eager to explore and eager to learn.

--Michael Harris

McIver has led and facilitated meetings, served as an MC for multiple events, and given public and small group presentations and panels. He has spoken at TEDx Des Moines, given interviews to local and national publications, and served as MC for the Thinq Iowa conference. As a teacher, tutor and trainer for The Princeton Review in New York City, he led workshops and trainings, coached ambitious students and boosted the careers of high performers. He has trained with Oscar Winner Dianne Wiest, Lloyd Richards (first African-American man nominated for the Tony for directing on Broadway for A Raisin In The Sun), British legend Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter) and many more.

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