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Strategic Storytelling

Coaching and Consulting on and Influential Communications and Strategy

We teach people how to use storytelling to improve their outcomes as they pitch ideas, persuade and incluence others, and create change

Why Strategic Storytelling?

Whether you're speaking to one or one thousand, whether you're closing a deal or working for change, your message has to connect with other people in a way that creates change.

Fortunately, humans created the most powerful tool for moving people to make decision, take action and change the world: stories.

Stories are one of the few ways to reach not just the head, but the heart and the gut, affecting all three decision making centers. 

When you engage with Matt McIver, you are entering a realm where communication is an art form, coaching becomes transformation, teaching becomes inspiration, and directing becomes a captivating journey.

--Michael Harris

Why McIver Communications?

Matthew McIver brings decades of experience in storytelling, from creating award-winning works of theater to sharing the mission of organizations. He has coached people from all walks of life to create meaningful connection through varieties of storytelling, through public speaking and through a variety of channels.  Click here to learn more about Matt

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